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 Earn Cash 

Capture this exclusive opportunity to earn additional income!

When you refer your customers to Palm Skys Vacation Services

you will earn extra cash!

We know your time is valuable! So recommend Palm Skys Vacation Services and spend Less time answering guest inquiries about where to store luggage before check-in and after check-out. We are a reliable and affordable source for luggage storage, beach gear rental, vacation experiences, and transportation. Your guests will love Palm Skys services!. The bottom line is you earn more cash and they spend more time enjoying their vacation!


  • Refer - LUGGAGE STORAGE - Earn $1.00 per piece of luggage. 
  • Refer - BEACH GEAR RENTAL - Earn $1.00 per item rented.
  • Refer - VACATION EXPERIENCES - Earn $10.00 per booking. 
  • Refer - TRANSPORTATION - Earn $5.00 per booking


  • Convienent free luggage pick up at check - out or at check - in! (See luggage pick - up and delivery for restrictions)

  • High quality proven and reliable services.
All revenues earned  by referring Palm Skys Vacation Services will be paid to the referrer on a daily basis through ATH MOVI. 

If you don't have ATH MOVI please call us for optional pay out methods.  

We suggest  that participants use Palm Skys Vacation Services marketing materials to ensure the follow through of applying referral earnings and guest savings.  

Palm Skys Vacation Services marketing materials will be provided  to you at no  cost. 

You must  contact Palm Skys Vacation Services  to sign up and participate.

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