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At Palm Skys Vacation Services  We are very passionate about creating the best and most fulfilling experiences for vacationers. Palm Skys Vacation Services is a special tourist-based business dedicated to providing excellence in customer service. We service the greater San Juan area of Puerto Rico. Our services have been developed over the past 15 years of dedication to the tourism and hospitality industry.   We Help people escape the routine of their everyday lives while on vacation.   We specialize in transportation, luggage storage, island-wide Tours, beach gear rentals, and vacation experiences. We offer a full-service approach. We fill the void when guests arrive early and they can't check in to their Airbnb until later in the afternoon. Or on the last day of vacation with a check out typically, that is early, and flights that are booked later. A common check-in would be around 3:00 p.m. and a typical checkout is around 11:00 a.m. Travelers waste no time getting into vacation mode or preserving the relaxation of vacation. We provide them with many options to do so.  Customers sometimes just want to rent a beach towel for the afternoon and store a carry-on bag. On the other hand, we have customers who enjoy our vacation experiences while we store their luggage. An experience could be one of 5 incredible themes that we offer, such as our Snorkel and Beach Day Adventure. We set you up with everything you need at a great snorkeling beach with all the beach essentials towels, umbrella, music, cooler, beach chairs, ice, food, and snorkel gear. After a great first day of vacation, we then transport guests to their Airbnb for check-in. All without the worry of what I do with my luggage on the first day of vacation! Also, we focus on making that last day of vacation an easy carefree experience instead of a busy rushed last day. We make it simple and carefree! A Lot of times we couple luggage storage with airport transportation. How great is it to be free from your belongings on the last day of vacation from an early checkout?

We can pick up your luggage at your location (check-out time) and store it throughout the day so you can enjoy the day anywhere on the island. We then pick you up later that evening from any destination and whoosh you to the airport with your bags already in the transport. Customers love it! Our beach gear delivery and rental is also a hit with some Airbnb's not providing beach essentials. We deliver to your Airbnb or hotel. Customers can rent anything from plush beach towels, and waterproof beach blankets to Bluetooth beach speakers and everything in between. We also provide you with the simple option to drop your luggage off and return it to you at our convenient drop-off location in San Juan. We're located just a couple of blocks from the beach.

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